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About Jim

 Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen

Jim was born into a pastor’s home and lived both in Durango, CO and the Chicago area before going to college to study for the ministry. He began his ministry in South Carolina and moved to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in 2000, where he presently lives and bases his ministry. Jim and his wife, Rhonda, have three daughters.

Founder of The War

Jim has been with the Minutemen Evangelistic Team since it began. During Jim’s college years The War concept was pioneered at Jim’s home church, the Marquette Manor Baptist Church in Downers Grove, IL, now one of the ministry’s supporting churches.

30 Years in Evangelism

He and his wife Rhonda were married in 1984 after graduate school and have been traveling ever since conducting The War. In 1996 their emphasis shifted to the War of Special Forces which primarily is conducted in Christian schools and the affiliated local church.

Next Generation Vision

He loves ministry to teenagers and college students. In addition to his ministry with Minutemen Ministries, he also serves as VP of Baptist College of Ministry, a position which he has held since 1999. BCM is a local church Bible college just outside of Milwaukee, WI.

Fun Facts About Jim

Since he grew up in Chicago, he pulls for both Chicago baseball teams as well as the Blackhawks in the NHL. Dunkin Donuts is his favorite stop for coffee when traveling (except in Canada – then it’s Tim Horton’s). His favorite pastime is spending family time with his wife and three daughters.

Three Avenues of Ministry

Youth Evangelism

He leads the Minutemen Evangelistic Team that conducts the War of Special Forces, a ministry for Christian Schools and their affiliated local churches where the focus is to evangelize lost teens and revive Christian school teens.  He leads this team every fall and the odd springs.


Revival Preaching

He conducts local church meetings, preaches at youth camps, conferences, or whereever the Lord leads.  He schedules these kinds of meetings during each summer every year as well as the even springs (January through May).  This would be the springs of ’14, ’16, ’18, etc.

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College Vice President

He serves as VP of Baptist College of Ministry.  He spends approximately three weeks each semester at the college exercising his gift in the college setting.  “Dr. Jim”, as he is called at BCM, loves preaching to and working with students to help prepare them for a lifetime of service for the Lord.